Tuesday, July 29, 2008


You will read many 'schemes' for turning rubbish into money and sadly, most of them are unworkable. But, here is such a business that is completely workable - indeed, it's already a successful business. And, what's more it has not been published before and it is just waiting to be exploited in all areas!

You will often have seen upholstery retailers offering to take upholstery in part exchange for new - for example 'œ100 allowance for your old 3 piece'. You might also have wondered just what happens to this part exchange upholstery - the shops don't sell and it is often too good to tip. Well,the simple answer is that it is sold through the trade, refurbished and resold as top quality secondhand furniture!

When you consider a good quality dralon suite might sell for œ1,000 - there's sure to be lots of buyers for a good quality reconditioned one at œ3-400! The cheaper refurbished suites sell to poorer people - and the better quality ones enjoy lots of demand at the top end of the scale. It's not everybody who wants - or needs a brand new
suite. Especially those with pets or children!

Anyone can easily start a business (part time if you like), buying these suites for a few pounds, cleaning them up and selling for 100's of times what they cost you. You work from home. what's more this is not a fanciful 'plan' - several people are already making big profits just doing this. But, this scheme is new in concept and there is still plenty of opportunity for new business to cash in. Surely it must be one of the few remaining opportunities to buy a valuable product for next to nothing!